Screenwriter Mike Sundy at Austin Film Festival


Mike Sundy is an award-winning screenwriter who writes epic but heartfelt stories.  He is a two-time panelist at the Austin Film Festival, as well as a Feature Finalist (top 5 out of 6,500 scripts.)  Two of his scripts were #1 and #2 on the Family section of SANTAGATE and CARDBOARD CASTLE.  He was a co-founding member of the writer's group at Pixar, where he worked for eight years.  As of 2018, Mike's co-writing a couple of sci-fi thriller features with director Colin Levy.


SKYWATCH (sci-fi thriller feature/in development) - When two outcast teens hack into a drone delivery system to pull a prank on the girl next door, they accidentally redirect a critical shipment and find themselves entangled in a life-and-death political conspiracy.
Co-Writer/Director Colin Levy, based on his short film Skywatch

SUGAR HOUSE (indie sci-fi thriller feature/in development) - A city girl discovers the otherworldly origins behind a mysterious rash of kidnappings in a New Hampshire town – and must unite with her estranged Uncle to track down the abductor and end the cycle of violence.
Co-Writer/Director Colin Levy

SANTAGATE (family comedy feature) - A kid reporter obsessed with the truth unravels the biggest grown-up conspiracy of all time - the secret of Santa.  He struggles to gather evidence and outfox a powerful toy store owner on his quest to break SANTAGATE to all kids.
Austin Film Festival Comedy Finalist (top 5 out of 6500 scripts)
#1 Family script on

CARDBOARD CASTLE (family fantasy feature) - A stoic Air Force Captain journeys into the whimsical mind of his comatose daughter and races to save her from a fearsome beast before she is lost forever.
PAGE Awards Semi-Finalist
5x Austin Film Festival Feature Screenplay Second Rounder (top 10%)
#2 Family script on
Scriptapalooza Semi-Finalist
Screencraft Family-Friendly Quarterfinalist

THE ASCENDANT (short thriller) - A cult member filled with doubt struggles to choose between following his heretical cellmate or his charismatic but abusive leader.
PAGE Awards Semi-Finalist
Austin Film Festival Short Screenplay Second Rounder (top 15%)

DO OR DIE: THE CRUCIBLE MOMENT (one-hour dark drama TV pilot) - A renowned self help guru goes to disturbing lengths to make sure her clients succeed.
Co-writers: Susan Brunig & Laura Hainke
2x Austin Film Festival One-Hour Pilot Second Rounder (top 15%)


To request a script, please contact Mike's managers:

Jon Huddle/Fourth Wall Management/ 549-8600

Russell Hollander/Hollander Entertainment/ 845-6050